Elevate Advanced Manufacturing

Wilson Trailer Company

Sioux City, Iowa



Manufacturer of aluminum livestock, grain, flatbed, and gooseneck livestock trailers.


Livestock Trailers: These trailers are the semi-sized versions commonly seen hauling livestock up and down the highways to livestock feed yards, cattle ranches or packinghouses. They are made mostly of lightweight aluminum components, which makes the trailer less prone to rust, and corrosion from animal waste and road de-icing chemicals.

Grain Trailers: These trailers are pulled by a semi-tractor and they haul grain from farm operations to grain elevators. These trailers are also primarily made of aluminum components to make them lighter and to resist corrosion.

Belt (Live Floor) Trailers: These trailers are similar to the grain trailers, except they have a continuous belt running through the bottom center of the trailer, that when engaged, unloads the trailer through the back door which opens hydraulically. This type of trailer is most typically used to haul distillers’ grains from ethanol plants to livestock feed yards. 

Flatbed Trailers: These trailers are also called platform trailers. They are used for hauling a variety of items from lumber and bricks to all kinds of machinery. Wilson Trailer produces two types of flatbeds. One is the traditional platform trailer, which has one level. The other style is called a drop deck trailer. It has two levels, one that is at the normal height and another that is lower to allow taller fright to be hauled.  Wilson Trailer produces both of these styles in either what is called a Combo and an all-aluminum models. The Combo is a trailer that has a main beam constructed of steel but has aluminum components like the floors and rears of the trailers to make them lighter in weight.  The all-aluminum models employ an aluminum main beam.

Gooseneck Livestock Trailers: This type of trailer are designed to be hooked up to a pickup and is used to haul livestock to various places like pastures, feed yards, county and state fairs, and packinghouses. They are constructed mostly of aluminum to make them lightweight and to resist corrosion.

Impacts & Awards

Wilson Trailer began operation in 1890 and will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2015.  The company is privately owned and is run by the 4th generation of the originating family. Wilson Trailer is known for their sales-leading livestock and grain trailers but they also were recognized for their drop deck trailer design two years in a row. Wilson impacted the grain hauling industry with their revolutionary RollerTrap™ grain trap opener. It uses a simple design of flexible straps and rollers to open and close the trap with little effort thus making it the industry’s easiest to use manual trap opener.

Careers & Opportunities

  • Assemblers: $15.87/hr.
  • Welders: $16.80/hr. (Wilson Trailer provides welding school)
  • 1st and 2nd shifts available with scheduled wage increases


  • Contributory Health Insurance
  • Paid Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Profit Sharing
  • 401(k) Plan