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Newell Machinery Company

Hiawatha, Iowa



Newell Machinery material handling systems are used primarily in agricultural processing facilities. These facilities receive various types of grain and other ingredients in semi-trailers and rail cars. Newell Machinery builds conveyors that unload the grain and then we also build the conveyor systems to move the grain all throughout the plant as it goes through the process to become the final product that the facility makes. Examples of final products are corn starch, corn syrup, gluten, animal feed/pet food, bacon bits, cereal, and even ethanol.




Impacts & Awards

Careers & Opportunities

At Newell Machinery, we have a host of careers available. We employ Welders, CNC operators, AutoCAD draft persons, Maintenance Technicians, Field Supervisors and Project Managers. Additionally, Newell Machinery has every other career that comes with being in business. We have HR and Safety Management, Accounting Marketing and Sales.