Elevate Advanced Manufacturing

Mill Creek Machining

Paullina, IA



Mill Creek Machining (MCM) is a contract machining company producing high quality plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metal components to each customer’s design and quality standards.  Mill Creek Machining employees 40 people. 



Top Company Products: Rail car shock absorber system components, hydraulic cavity blocks, turf care equipment components, scissor lift components, and a variety of axle shafts and spindles.

Impacts & Awards

MCM is an ISO-Certified contract machining company that is the third largest manufacturer in O'Brien County. MCM has worked with NWICC to advance technical education in the region through participation in various engineering competitions as well as a strong civic presence both in the community and the school systems. Active with O’Brien Co. Economic Development Committee.

Careers & Opportunities

MCM offers progressive and comprehensive training for people new to the machining trade. In addition to the in-house training we provide, MCM aggressively trains in those topics of global interest and regulatory in nature. MCM also offers a true working apprenticeship program certified by the US Dept. of Labor and administered by NWICC. The apprenticeship program is paid in part by the apprentice and MCM, each contributing 50%. Upon successful completion, the apprentice will be reimbursed his contribution over the same time frame it took for him to complete it. The career opportunties at MCM include: 

  1. Production managers, engineers, and schedulers

  2. Senior level machinists and crew chiefs

  3. Machinists

  4. Machine operators

  5. Bench Assemblers

  6. Shipping and Receiving material handlers

  7. Accountants.