Elevate Advanced Manufacturing

Lennox Industries Inc.

Marshalltown, Iowa


HVAC equipment for the residential market.


Lennox-Marshalltown builds top tier furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps for the home.

Impacts & Awards

The first Lennox furnace was built in Marshalltown in 1895 and the Norris family bought the company from the talented inventor in 1904.  Ownership of the company remained in the family until 1999 when the company went public.  Since it’s meager beginnings, Lennox has grown into an international, billion dollar company and a leader in the HVAC industry.  It all started with a unique design for a riveted steel furnace on the banks of the Iowa River in Marshalltown.  The Lennox workforce numbers about 975 salaried and hourly employees in Marshalltown.

Careers & Opportunities

Lennox-Marshalltown is proud of its rich company heritage.  We have several second and third generation employees working for the Company Dave Lennox started in Marshalltown.  Hourly jobs include Punch Press Operators, Press Brake Operators, CNC Operators, PLC Machine Operators, and a Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Program.  In the Salaried area:  Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers, Accountants, Quality Engineers and IT.

Here's what one of our young manufacturing professionals has to say about Lennox Industries:

"Why Manufacturing" by:  Ryan Junge, Supplier Quality Engineer, at Lennox Industries

At 17 I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do after high school.  One thing I did know was I couldn’t see myself in school 4-6 more years!  What really intrigued me was working with my hands and turning something that was only an idea into reality.  A neighbor who was a production manager at Montezuma Manufacturing told me about the great opportunities in manufacturing.  He said that not only did manufacturing offer exceptional pay and benefits, but the opportunity to advance was unlimited.  He told me that I could write my ticket if I was willing to put in the work.

After my 2 year technical degree at Indian Hills Community College, I started in the Tool and Die Room at Montezuma Manufacturing.  I spent countless hours machining, building dies, building fixtures and developing myself personally and professionally.  I was fortunate to learn from some of the best Tool Makers I have ever met.  It wasn’t long (2 years) until I was approached about an Engineering role where I would work on re-designing current tooling to maximize effectiveness and efficiency through a process called Six Sigma.  After a few months I was promoted again to Assistant Production Manager and I continued to advance from there.  This advancement inspired me to go back to school.   I graduated from Buena Vista University with a bachelors in Business and Finance and Villanova University where I received my Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.  I am currently the Supplier Quality Engineer, at Lennox Industries, a company that has continued to support my professional growth.  Lean is a particular passion of mine and in my career; I have lead lean initiatives for Montezuma Manufacturing and Osmundson Mfg., saving these companies over $25 million dollars.  My background in Tool and Die and the mentors I had along the way, is the foundation behind this career I love.

People ask, “Why Manufacturing?” My answer comes naturally.  Do you want to work for a company that believes their greatest asset is the team around them, or one that only sees you as a number?  I was so fortunate to have so many talented people around me.  They saw potential within me and pushed me farther than I ever could have pushed myself.  The opportunities in manufacturing are endless and most companies will pay for all the additional schooling and training you choose to take advantage of.  In manufacturing, YOU ARE the company’s greatest asset, and they WILL treat you that way.  My advice: choose a career in manufacturing, you will be a team member in the greatest industry this nation has ever seen!

Ryan Junge, 35, Ankeny, Iowa