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Hillphoenix Specialty Products

Keosauqua, Iowa and Centerville, Iowa



There are many different Hillphoenix Specialty product families and each play a unique role in providing answers to our customers’ merchandising needs. In general, Hillphoenix Specialty manufactures custom service and self-service, hot and cold merchandisers, a wide variety of custom counterwork, as well as soup and salad bars. That’s just to name a few examples of the breadth of products Hillphoenix Specialty offers, each available offering can be customized to a variety of sizes, finishes, styles and option packages to satisfy any customers’ requirements.


Hillphoenix Specialty products can be found in Supermarkets and Convenient Stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our distinctive products are used in many applications, from the full service meat department to the grab and go case by the front registers. No matter where you may be in North America, chances are you’ve purchased items out of one of our “Made-In-Iowa” refrigeration cases.

Impacts & Awards

For the past five years Hillphoenix Specialty has received the “Show and Sell Center Equipment Award” for participating in IDDBA, the International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association tradeshow. Hillphoenix Specialty has been featured in Progressive Grocer and Supermarket News, as experts in supermarket equipment and proper lighting practices. This September, Hillphoenix Specialty will celebrate its 20th Annual scholarship golf outing. Many of our Specialty employees and their family members have benefited from more than $500,000 that the Employee Scholarship Fund has generated through this charity tournament over the past 19 years.

Careers & Opportunities

Working for Hillphoenix Specialty offers a wide variety of career possibilities as well as great career advancement opportunities.  Careers at Hillphoenix Specialty include, thermal and electrical engineering, product management, refrigeration technician, and design engineering just to name a few.

Hillphoenix itself is comprised of six divisions which are managed under one corporate structure. As a subsidiary of the Dover Corporation, a unique opportunity is available to Hillphoenix employees. The Dover Corporation is a multi-billion dollar, global producer of innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services for the industrial products, fluid management, engineered systems and electronic technology markets. Dover promotes talent development from within and in doing so offer high potential candidates the opportunity to advance by moving to other Operating Companies in the Dover Corportaion to gain the needed experience to continue to move forward with their career.

With facilities located in Keosauqua and Centerville, Iowa, you’re afforded the small town, family friendly atmosphere, and can still have the career opportunities associated with companies in much larger cities and metropolitan areas. If your desire is a career path with ambitions of one day managing a Dover company, or you like the pace of life that southern Iowa has to offer, there is something for everyone at Hillphoenix Specialty.